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As most treks in this region do, a trek from Okhimath to Helang in the Garhwal Himalaya takes the scenic route via Madhyamaheshwar, Nandi Kund, Bansi Narayan temple and Urgam. This high altitude trek, takes one over the high ranges without involving the glaciers or even snow if attempted in autumn. However, during spring and early summer, one may find plenty of snow.

The Nandi Kund at 15,000 ft is quite a big lake and seems deep also. The Madhyamaheshwar Ganga originates from it and it is surrounded on all sides by high ridges except on the side where Chaukhamba is towering at a distance. The reflection of Chaukhamba in the waters of the lake provide an excellent photo opportunity.

The climb was gentle in beginning along the Kund. Thereafter it started to climb and involved boulder hopping and climbing up. Three hours of hard walk to the Ghia Vinayak Pass at around 17,500-ft. 

The Bansi Narayan temple is a single structure temple in front of a large slanting stone, which was being used by the Bakriwallas. No one stays at the temple since it is far from any habitation. The nearest village is half a day’s walk. The complete Himalayan range dominated by the great Nanda Devi was in front of the temple. The sun comes out from behind the peaks and so evening is the best time to get excellent photos. The Kauri pass was also visible in front of us.

Itinerary -

Day 01            Arrival at Haridwar & Proceed to Ukhimath (1310 mt).                            Drive   210 kms.                                          Arrival at Ukhimath.

                        Over night stay at Ukhimath.


Day 02            Ukhimath to Ransi (1765 mt).                                                                      Drive     30 kms.

                        Ransi to Gaundhar (3073 mt).                                                                     Trek      06 kms.

                        (Downhill trek)

                        Over night stay at Gaundhar.


Day 03            Gaundhar to Madhyamaheshwar (3490 mt).                                             Trek      11 kms.

                        (Uphill trek)

                        Over night stay at Madhyamaheshwar.


Day 04            Madhyamaheshwar to Kashni dhar (4450 mt).                                          Trek      12 kms.

                        (Uphill trek) can be visit Kashni Tal.

                        Over night stay at Kashni Dhar.


Day 05            Kashni Dhar to Pandosera (4200 mt).                                                       Trek      12 kms.

                        (Gradual trek)

                        Over night stay at Pandosera.


Day 06            Pandosera to Nandikund (4800 mt).                                                          Trek      03 kms.

                        (Uphill trek)

                        Nandikund to Giya Vinayak Pass (5220 mt).                                             Trek      03 kms.

                        (Uphill Trek)

                        Pass to Berma Khadak (3550 mt).                                                             Trek      08 kms.

                        (Downhill trek)

                        Over night stay at Barma Khadak.


Day 07            Barma Khadak to Bansi Narayan (3200 mt).                                            Trek      15 kms.

                        (Uphill & Downhill mx.)         

                        Over night stay at Bansi Narayan.


Day 08            Bansi Narayan to Devgram.                                                                        Trek      12 kms.

                        (Downhill trek)

                        Devgram to Kalpeshwar & back.                                                                Trek      03 kms.

                        Over night stay at Devgram.


Day 09            Devgram to Road head.                                                                               Trek      02 kms.

                        Road head to Helang.                                                                                  Drive     15 kms.

                        Helang to Haridwar.                                                                                     Drive   260 kms.