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Village walk at Binsar sanctuary is very different & unforgettable experience. Walk is around Binsar explore you many things from village life to forest & forest to wild life (flora & founa) etc. Binsar is a wildlife sanctuary under the management of Corbett National Park . Within its boundaries are hamlets whose residents have lived for centuries in close proximity of the forest and wildlife, and whose livelihood is interdependent with nature. The development and progress made in other village of the region has eluded these hamlets due to stringent laws and remoteness of locations and it is natural that the people would feel resentment towards the Sanctuary unless efforts are made to integrate them into activities which empower them economically and socially. The concept of our village walks is to introduce nature lovers from all walks of life  and different parts of India and the word to the forest dwellers of the hamlets within Binsar and vice versa, creating a sustainable livelihood for the villagers and motivating them to appreciate and protect the unique biodiversity of Binsar . it is our aim to bridge the gap between urban visitors and the rural people residing in Binsar by providing an authentic and educative experience of life in remote villages and encouraging social interactions to create bonds of understanding and respect between the two for this purpose we have also set up the binsar foundation ,details of which are available on request.  

The village walks are hosted by local professionals and the residents of five of the hamlets in the Sanctuary: Gaunap, Katdhara, Pataniyanail, Dalar and Rishal .The walks take visitors through both the upper and lower  reaches of Binsar, through oak and pine forests, up crests with stunning views of the Himalayas and surrounding areas and down valleys with streams and thick undergrowth. Starting from the North face of Binsar the walks go round  the south and west faces of the mountain and return to the top .En route visitors will see hundreds of varieties of plants and probably ghoral ,barking deer, langur monkeys, wild boar even a leopard. For birdwatchers there are 400 species of resident and migratory birds in Binsar Sanctuary. Combined with the great outdoor and a forest adventure are the lovely villages with their terraced fields, stone houses , and their dignified and hardworking inhabitants. In spite of the hardships of life and relative backwardness of the area, the people are proud and exude an inner strength and resolve as well as gentleness and joy. Visitors are guaranteed to come away nourished and refreshed by the experience.  

For the comfort visitors received in the village homes, the traditional interiors are clean and comfortable with modern bathrooms providing hot bucket baths. The foods is traditional too  and cooked with fresh ingredients from the farmers, fields. Mineral water is provided with meals and in the rooms. From dawn to dusk, the women are busy attending to their children who walk for miles to school, tending their cattle and fields, cooking and cleaning, and visitors will be delighted to be welcomed as a guest in a home and participate in the daily routine. In the evenings, legends and stories come alive around a fire, and visitors can learn more about our culture and traditions. Evenings of folk songs and dances are also organized on request.


Day 1 - Arrive at the Binsar Retreat approximately 9 hours drive from Delhi (387 kms) or overnight  by train (Ranikhet Express from Delhi to Kathgodam) and a 4 hours drive up to Binsar. The Binsar Retreat is situated in the core area of the Santuary  with stunning views of the Himalayas and the entire region of Kumaon. It has luxury tents and five rooms which have been designed to blend with the wilderness surrounding the property.  For those arriving late by car, an evening at leisure and for those arriving early by train/ car optional jungle walks are available on request.

Day 2 - After a leisurely breakfast at Binsar Retreat, walk up to Jhandi Peak, (8000 ft) so named because the British administrators who made Binsar Their summer headquarters used to fly the Union jack from there to be seen by villages miles around. Enjoy incredible 360 degree views from Jhandi peak and then walk past the old Forest Rest house down to the Binsar Mahadev Temple which was built by the Katyur kings of Kumoun in the fifteenth century. Visit the shrine of Dana Golu, the local diety who protects the forest and animals of Binsar, and then down into pine forests along an ancient route used by traders and nomads for centuries which passes over the south and west faces of Binsar  and back up to the Binsar retreat after a wholesome picnic lunch in the forest. Dinner at the Retreat.

Day 3 - After Breakfast , leave for the village stay at Gaunap which is a beautiful hamlet situated at about 7000 ft. in the oak forest on the North face with sweeping views of the himalays. Lunch  at Guanap followed by an afternoon of getting to know the village people and understanding their ways of life. Dinner and stay at Gaunap.

Day 4 - After breakfast  at Gaunap, walk through dense forest to the neighboring village of Katdhara, also located on the higher reaches of the north face of Binsar, tea at the house of one of the residents of katdhara followed by another walk to a ridge where a picnic lunch will be served. Descent into the pine forest on the South face of the Santuray and a walk along a level road to the tiny hamlet  of Pataniya Nail. Overnight at a house in the village.

Day 5 - After Breakfast, a walk to the revered  temple of Golu at Gairar. This temple is centuries old and the diety is held in high esteem by the local people. From Gairar, a walk up the ridge to a small temple lost in the forest and then down to the village of Dalar. Overnight stay at Dalar Village.

Day 6 - From Dalar, after breakfast walk to Rishal, another small hamlet tucked away at the base of Binsar where a traditional lunch will be served. A climb up to the Binsar retreat after lunch completes the village experience.